Professor Homunculus (hoskeebo) wrote,
Professor Homunculus

Harry Houdini

If I ever had a childhood hero, it was Harry Houdini. Like so many magicians my age and older, he was really the icon of icons. In life, he was so much bigger than life. He probably inspired more young men to get into magic than anyone in history.
When I ask young magicians how they got into magic today, so many of them mention some of the trendy posers of the recent magic scene. I feel sorry for them, but then again, I know if they stick with the craft they will come to appreciate the true pioneers. The story of how Erich Weisz became the Great Houdini is one of the great American epics.
Today, March 24, 2011, would have been Houdini's 137th birthday.
So, happy birthday, Harry!
From your ever-devoted fan,
~ Brian
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