Professor Homunculus (hoskeebo) wrote,
Professor Homunculus

Just finished this website for Dr. Leahy. It's about a state-of-the-art surgery for dog's knees. It was actually fascinating to make this site because I got to learn a lot about the anatomy of dogs' knees, and anatomy in general.The surgery is to relieve pain and give back full motion to dogs who are suffering from cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) ruptures. That is like the typical football injury for human knees (ACL) where the athletes "blows out his knee."The new technique is not practiced by a lot of veterinary surgeons yet, so we're lucky to have Dr. Leahy in our area. Besides that, he has been the trusted vet for Mimi's and my dogs for ten years, and Mimi's previous dogs fifteen years before that, so we can recommend him highly.Check out for more info if you suspect that your dog may have problems with his or her hind knee(s).
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