Professor Homunculus (hoskeebo) wrote,
Professor Homunculus

Little Bastards...

I'm sitting in the Capresso Cafe, one on my favorites, and the little kiddies have swarmed in and are loud and amazingly stupid. It's weird, people think that "kids today" are disrespectful. I don't think so. Disrespect implies ill will. I don't think they are intentionally disrespectful, but I think they are dumber than I pile of monkey-shit. I think some parents need a good caning. 

I'm still in Pandora Radio, blasting HENDRIX into the earbuds, but the little boogers are still coming through, obnoxiously loud. I've asked them once if they could keep it down a bit, and they looked at me like I was from Mars, which I might be, but nevertheless...

I know that the manager would like to say something, but she's sort of in a pickle. It shouldn't have to be her, or my, job to discipline spoiled bumpkin kids. 

Why am I the only adult who's said anything to these snot-faced rats? You can see it in everyone else's faces that they are annoyed, but they are scared of freakin'' twelve-year olds. 

Most people complain about the government, their bosses, whatever, but they won't take a simple step and help a kid not be an asshole in public. 

There is no hope, is there? 
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