Professor Homunculus (hoskeebo) wrote,
Professor Homunculus

While listening to "Believe Me" by the Royal Teens for the godzillionth time, I was musing on one of my favorite music genres - Doo Wop. Not just any doo-wop, either, but Italian-American Doo-Wop (which sounds like a slur, but is really some of the best music you ever heard).
Awhile ago I was listening to someone talk about the musical "Jersey Boys" (About the Four Seasons) and I said, "Yeah, I love Italian-American Doo-Wop." They looked at me like I was crazy. They said they never heard of that. I guess they missed half the point of the show they just came from.
A short list of great Italian-American Doo-Wop groups include The Royal Teens (with Bob Gaudio, who later wrote for the Four Seasons), The Crests with Johnny Maestro, Dion and the Belmonts (my faves), The Duprees, The Regents, The Elegants (with my favorite "Little Star" - what a voice!) Danny and the Juniors, The Mystics... look 'em up. You've heard lots of songs by all of them. Each one has at least one evergreen.
Hell, all Doo-wop is great. Rock 'n' Roll will never die!
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